Let me start by saying, Rich might need to change the name to Great O’ Great! Last Saturday night I stopped by and was wonderfully impressed with all the southern culinary choices Rich had to offer. As I savored the rich Gumbo, I was quickly transported back in time to Mrs. Barnett’s kitchen in Atlanta (I can still see her smiling face as she passed over a warm bowl made with love), and the crispy fried chicken did not disappoint. I also sampled the fork-tender, melt-in-your-mouth Beef Brisket that was simply outstanding. My only regret was not having another stomach because I really wanted to feast on the Shrimp and Grits.

Note: I have had the pleasure of teaching Culinary Art for nearly 20 years. I have come to quickly pick out the students who cook with love and passion because it always shows in their food. I can clearly see Ate O’ Ate is driven by passion and the food is surrounded with LOVE! Congratulations! You have made another happy customer.

-Jake Boyle

That dinner was so delicious! I almost came back for another order of the menu but it was so cold and dark and our logging road was so icy. I’ll dream of shrimp and grits all week.

-Bonnie M.

I have to take a minute to say how wonderful it was to get home, after an incredibly long day of running here and there, to find some amazingly delicious and (do I dare say?) wholesome food prepared by ate.o.ate catering/Rich Ellsworthin my kitchen. (My husband requested I also add that it was the most delicious take-out he has ever had in Roxbury!) I don’t think I can describe how awesome it was to 1. not have to cook after an extremely long day 2. but not have to compromise on taste 3. yet more importantly, to know that the food I was eating was also healthy, home-made, by people who love to do what they do and care about the quality of what they are making. So thank you! I hardly ever eat out or order in, but I think that will be changing. Eating from ate-o-ate is like having the most delicious home-cooked-meal-I’d-never-be-able-to-cook-myself, in the comfort of my own home. huzzah!

Karina M W

What a great “take home” dinner of portabello mushroom sandwiches and salad. Along with home made chips…..the perfect meal before heading off for a concert. Why cook at home when Rich can do it for you?

Artie Martello

Dear Editor,

I would just like to make a comment about a wonderful catering group we have right here in our local environs. They are known as AteOAte and can be located at info@AteOAtecatering.com. I was very lucky to have been invited to two affairs in private homes catered by AteOAte. At each the staff was exceptionally friendly and professional, service was perfect and the food delicious, and there was plenty of it. The hosts Susan Dey and husband Bernard for Bassett hospital where details of the proposed new Andes clinic were presented, and Steve & Julie Berg a reception and dinner for the board and friends of the Catskill Mountain Club of which Steve is the president. All were most gracious in opening their beautiful homes for these two separate affairs. Our community is lucky to have such generous and civic minded folks. Thank you Bernard, Susan, Steve, Julie for your community efforts and hospitality and AteOAte for your great catering.

Jack McShane
Andes NY

OMG. The dinner you guys catered for us Friday night was soooo good. Thank you so much. Not just the great food but the fact you did everything. Brought everything. Served beautifully. I did not have to lift a finger and was so relaxed. From appetizers to entrees to dessert. Good job guys!

Will definitely use you again.

Julie and Steve
Andes. NY

“The Longwoods Business Association held its bi-monthly business-to-business mixer at the Orphic Gallery on Tuesday, October 23rd.  Fine company, fine wines but exceptionally fine hors d’œuvres expertly prepped and served by Roxbury’s exquisite new catering venture – Ate O Ate Catering.”….”As intended at an LWBA mixer, there was considerable networking among the mirth and merriment.  But you know the evening is an indubitable success when the lavish spread steals the show. “

Rich, thank you for the great job catering the Longwoods Business Association mixer! The food really was outstanding! The corn bisque is to die for! Bloody Mary shrimp and crab cakes were a meal in themselves. Each dish was better than the last. We cannot thank you enough! I wish you every success with the new business.

Jill Ribich, Catskill Images/Long Woods Business Association